1. Finally! Sailor Venus is here, completing the inner scouts :D

    Sailor Moon
    Sailor Mercury
    Sailor Mars
    Sailor Jupiter


  3. hornyltncub-deactivated20140110 said: Hi how are you? Where can I buy a copy of your calendar

    The calendar is free! Go get it at www.bears-illustrated.com :)

  5. Happy 2014 to everyone!

    The new Bears, Illustrated 2014 calendar is UP!
    You can get this picture alongside 11 other high resolution pieces from other artists, like Gengoroh Tagame and Nickie Charles for FREE :D

    - Bearsionated

  6. Say hi to the electrifying Sailor Jupiter :)

    Sailor Moon
    Sailor Mercury
    Sailor Mars

    Venus is near!

  8. elwueonquedibuja:

    Con mucha alegria les presento un dibujo en conjunto con Leo Gutierrez en las lineas y yo en el Color. Para mi fué un gran honor trabajar con este gran artista. Espero te guste Leo como tambien a todos ustedes.

    Lineas: Leo Gutierrez
    Color: Me

    Saludos a todos =)

    Remember that collab I said I was doing with Amb? Well he finished colouring it! And I love it!!! It was really cool working with him :D <3

  9. Next, my bearsion of Sailor Mars! :D

    Sailor Moon
    Sailor Mercury
    Sailor Jupiter

    Jupiter and Venus are coming soon!

  10. starswithin:

    Barbunzel :)

    (about the name: barba means beard in Spanish)

    Happy Beard Day to all you bearded people! I suspect most of my followers have one! Hahaha!

    This is something I did a while back, but it seemed very appropriate for the occasion xP